Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blowtorch Crayons, for the Kiddies!!

Ok, I know I sound crazy. ;) It's all in good fun. I found some fun ice cube trays at Hobby Lobby just in time for Shep's 1st Birthday party. Since the trays can't be put in the oven, we'll melt them with a hand held blow torch and make some kiddy crayons. Fun for everyone!

Grab your trusty lil' blow torch, a set of pliers, some goggles, gloves if you prefer, a big box of crayons and a fun tray of any kind.

Carefully hold the torch some distance from the crayon. Let it drip directly into your mold.  Be sure to hold it far enough away from your mold, so that it doesn't become too hot.  Unless it's oven save, it's possible to melt them.

Let them cool between colors for layered looks or continue for more blended looks.  Choose complimenting color combination, or just go wild..

Add a contrasting layer to the back side, just for fun.

And, viola! Cute lil chunky crayons, for the kiddos.


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